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aboutusI want To Play Inc. (Inc.) is a Non-Profit 501 ©3 youth sports foundation dedicated to enhancing the well-being of children living under social and economic disadvantaged areas through sports. The foundation uses sports and life skills education to empower and transform the lives of young people at grassroots level equipping them with the skills they need to become valuable members in their communities.

IWTP Academy

"Sports is a vehicle through which life lessons can be learned and characters developed"

The Academy consisting of Youth Athletics and Educational Centre is a sports training school that combines both sports training with an academic curriculum. The Academy stresses discipline, responsibility, effort and aims to develop its students on and off the sports field with a variety of sports activities and a comprehensive after-school academic enrichment program.

Studies have shown that fitness and active lifestyle carry a very significant role in the strengthening and development of mind and body. The aim of this organization is to use Sports in order to attain our goals. We also use sports in an innovative way to fight against HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, youth crime, drug abuse, giving the youth a chance to live a better life. The Academy also scouts for talents in track and field, soccer, basketball, and tennis and nurture their skills to reach their maximum potential.

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