Go Girls

gogirls The program uses sports and life skills education to mainly empower teenage girls who are facing hostile environments. Lack of access to education and opportunity, and low social status in communities are linked to early pregnancies and hostility against teenage girls, which could be in a form of physical, sexual or mental suffering.

These girls want change that will advocate to their freedom. They want an opportunity to be seen as members of the communities with equal status. They want an opportunity to engage is physical activities like the boys and engage in sports competitions. They want the opportunity that "Go Girls" program provides.

The "Go Girls" program carries a variety of energizing mix of sports such as; tennis, soccer, basketball aerobics/yoga and dance. Our Academy encourages and promotes girls to get involved in any sports so they can learn teamwork, achievement, determination and personal investment which they can use to make choices that lead to a happier, healthier life. The curriculum also includes hands-on workshops on nutrition, good hygiene, HIV Prevention, social skills and leadership.

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