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I am pleased to introduce the new IWTP Inc. website. We are excited about its debut because this project came largely with the aim of helping the youth in our distressed communities by providing opportunities and engaging them in a variety of activities that better enhance and bring more value into their lives.

Ten years ago when I represented my country Kenya in tennis tournaments and having traveled across the globe, there were so many aspects that I observed and learnt from. It was evident that so much sports ability in Kenya was not met by any opportunity. Education is the heart of building academic self-confidence and accomplishment in the short and long term. However, instilling and using sports for development especially in these distressed communities in Nairobi, will also provide a stronger, safer and healthier environment.

I Want To Play Inc. (IWTP Inc.) and the Child Welfare Society of Kenya (CWSK) have partnered to develop multifaceted, comprehensive and innovative sports initiatives for the economically underprivileged young boys and girls. Our organization has also initiated the "Go Girls" Program that uses sports and life skills education to mainly empower teenage girls who are facing hostile environments so they can learn teamwork, achievement, determination, confidence and personal investment.

Our Academy will measure academic and sports progress at the individual and program levels. In recognition of these efforts, the Academy is the first youth sports empowerment body in Kenya that uses sports as a "Catalyst to child development".

The Academy will have permanent presence in the field of Sports for Development and is actively involved in research and nurturing sports talent. Our goal is to Nurture the talent, provide hope and create a healthier community.

We hope that you will stay in touch with us.

dave ndinya
Dave Ndinya
President & Founder, I Want to Play Inc.

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