Our Mission & Vision



Our mission is to uphold youth opportunities and enhance the well being of underprivileged children in Kenya through sports and recreational activities.

Vision and Objectives

  • To develop a sports training school combining both sports training with an academic curriculum that will help in individual growth and the expansion of human potential.
  • To create a safe haven where the youth can demonstrate their positive interests and passions
  • Engage in different extracurricular activities that will positively channel and bring the community together
  • Through awareness programs, reduce new cases of HIV/AIDS amongst children below the age of 18 years.
  • Offer minimal employment opportunities for the communities' poor members through sports coaching and academic tutoring.
  • Improve the sporting and athletic talents in these young children - which gives them other non-academic career opportunities that build self-confidence.
  • Reduce child labor, drug abuse, early pregnancy, violence, irresponsible behavior and criminology.
  • Promoting sporting and athletic competitions and tournaments that creates a positive and competitive environment.
  • To develop a national and international sports competitor from the streets to the world scene.
  • To reach out and touch many lives

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