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Future 20

The Academy will partner with Multiple Sports Associations to identify and develop the hidden junior sports talent that are economically disadvantaged. Those identified as potential future sports stars will be awarded full scholarship that will provide for housing, sporting and academic... Learn more »

Go Girls

The program uses sports and life skills education to mainly empower teenage girls who are facing hostile environments. Lack of access to education and opportunity, and low social status in communities are linked to early pregnancies and hostility against teenage girls, which could be in a form... Learn more »

Health and Fitness Awareness

IWTP health and fitness programs help youth understand the importance of eating right, physical fitness, being active and practicing good hygiene. Mastering these basic health principles place young people on the right track to managing their long-term health... Learn more »

Youth Sports Enrichment

The Junior Program is the heart and soul of our Academy. We engage more than 200 young kids in lessons, clinics, camps and tournaments during out-of-school time (weekdays and weekends), school vacation weeks and summer camp activities. Micros (5 year olds) through intensive academy... Learn more »

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