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ourwork We are a dedicated organization trying to provide sports, health and life skills opportunities to the lives of literally hundreds of underprivileged children who have minimal to no access. We use sports as a driving force to child development that teaches them to become more resilient and inventive in overcoming obstacles and setbacks, learn to set and attain goals, identify and develop skills for success in life, and develop the discipline and persistence to persevere and progress towards their goals.

Our work also;

  • Improves the physical and psychological well being of hundred of underprivileged children, making them more aware and more responsible members of their community.
  • Reduces the number of children in the streets by empowering them into highly constructive life teaching activities.
  • Empower teenage girls to play more sports that will build their esteem and confidence and allow them to make right and healthy decisions.
  • Reduces and prevents crime and the spread of HIV/AIDS cases in children aged below 18 years.
  • Create employment opportunities, which will be offered to the members of the community as a way of earning a living and self-support.
  • Develops a child’s sense of belonging with both the organization members and their community and eventually making them acceptable members of the society in the future.
  • Creates opportunities for the children to train in various academic and sporting activities and tournaments.

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